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The team:
Elad Fish - Music Producer Adam Rodeh - Guitar player Eric Koskas - Drummer Kevin Efrat - Keyboards player Guy Bartor - Bassist

Kevin Efrat - has worked as a music producer and keyboardist for the last ten years within the U.S. and abroad. Kevin is a graduate of the New School University, New York and Berklee College of Music,

His distinguished credits as a music producer include: "Starting Over" (NBC); Remake of the Marvin Gaye's song "Sexual Healing" for the Miramax movie "Duplex" directed by Danny Devito, starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore; Composing and producing music for "Hollywood Live" cable entertainment news show for Vivendi/Universal/Canal (France).

Kevin has been touring for the last two years with Alabina (Ishtar), Sony Records Recording Artist - as keyboardist and programmer. He plays on the show “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (NBC) as the “House Band Keyboard Player” including performances with
Howard Jones, Cece Penesten, Sophie B. Hawkins, Haddaway, Irene Cara and more. Kevin is currently playing with the Dre Allen Project, featuring Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), and working on a few recording projects for T.V shows and for a few different artists. In his works, Kevin defines his own unique sound that reflects the rich experience that he has producing, composing, and performing with many artists in a variety of different styles. Those styles included World music (Middle Eastern, African, Indian), Electronic music, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, R&B, Rock, blues, Folk Music and more.

Kevin Efrat

Eric koskas

Eric Koskas - began his musical career as a drum player for a local band. He went on to study at the Music Academy of Prague. He then continued to study symphony orchestration under the renowned composer Jan Friedlin. In addition to producing and performing, he built his own music studio where he wrote and produced numerous projects for television, commercials and short films. Eric arranges and produces unique projects where he brings together different musical styles such as baroque classical music together with contemporary electronic music.

Adam Rodeh – 27 year-old guitarist in Hollywood. He has been playing guitar for over 15 years, and performs and produces for many artists worldwide. His influences include: Muse, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Sylvain Luc, Noa, Air, Dave Matthews Band, Ella Fitzgerald,Fiona Apple, Bach, Timbaland, Bjork, Missy Elliot, GNR. Adam Rodeh
Guy Bartor

Guy Bartor – 28 year-old bass player who divides his
time between Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. Guy is a trained
jazz musician who has played clubs all over the world.
Graduated from jazz department in Rimon School of Music. His favorite styles besides jazz are reggae and rock.

Elad Fish - The founder of, is a music producer and a drummer from Los Angeles, CA. Elad was the first to introduce an online recording service in 2002. Elad has been working with various artists from around the world and with companies such as: Fox, NBC, T-mobile, Renault.

Elad Fish
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